Friday, August 12, 2011

lecture Aug 10th

What I got from taking this class- 
WOW it would take too much space on this blogg to be able to convey everything I got from taking this class. First off I am going to say that since taking Psy 101 I have realized I want to continue my education further in this subject. I am working on my ass degree in human services, and honestly I am considering in changing my major Psychology. I have a great interest in all aspects of the study. I believe this class has improved my parenting skills as well as improved the way I think about myself. I have a better understanding over mental health, and my paper on testing IQ's taught me so much. I believe that Psy 101 has made an everlasting impression in my life that has created huge differences. Thank You Lara, you are a great professor and hope to take many more of your classes.