Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lecture ~ Aug 1st

When I first looked at the ink blot, I saw two profiles of women's faces, looking in different directions. They resembled masks on sticks. Their face is in pink and their eyes and eye brows are green. They set on individual posts that meets in the middle and becomes one stick. What the book calls blue spiders could be blue flowers, that the women are smelling. Portions of the blue give definition to the ladies nose and mouth.
As I continue to look at the figure, I can see a head of a goat in the middle of the two women. It has green horns and two yellow eyes. It has nostrils and a mouth. It's chin rests in the "y" section of the stick. It appears to be blowing smoke out of its mouth. The goat has a goatee. The blue between his eyes and nose is just a different coloration of his hair. In the top section, at the outer edges there appears to be two sea shells, both brown. The concluding story of the ink blot is as follows: The two women were walking along the beach, taking their pet goat for a walk. As the tide went out, they discovered two brown, shinny shells in the sand. Excitingly they picked the shells up, planning to add them to their collection at home.