Friday, August 12, 2011

mini assignment 9

Well night time is the main time when I reflect back on what has been happening in the recent past few days. I really liked actually putting into words on paper to some of the thoughts I have. Really I believe that I may have created a new habit. Lets face it, life is not always kind to us and it is easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves. I have been experiencing such emotions recently. This assignment I thought at first would be impossible. After actually starting this assignment I found a therapeutic value to it. After a very difficult day of work physically and emotionally I was wiped out. I laid in my bed with my note pad and pen and just began to write starting with I am so very grateful for.... and although I thought I had it so difficult at the time I realized that I am so blessed. I am indeed grateful for first and foremost my children. I have experienced miraculous strength and courage that only a mother or father could experience. My children bring out in me a LOVE that conquers even the most loneliest and sad of days. I also have to say I'm truly grateful for my boss from where I work, she is so kind and wise, always having inspirational words that seem to come out at the right time. I must say that even as a single mother with ongoing expenses and challenges, I realize how blessed I am to live in a country that has so many opportunities for me to succeed and be able to provide for my family. I am able to feed my kids 3 well rounded meals a day, and a warm and safe place to sleep, and an education, clean clothes and medical attention when they need it. I realize that in some countries mothers watch their children starve or die from diseases that a simple vaccination could have prevented. Even this class is such a blessing to me. It has in so many ways assisted in things that without taking this class I may have never considered, and very well may have guided me in a direction that would otherwise may have not had as good of an outcome. What I am grateful is on going opportunities, my loving and healthy family, and  the ability to provide and keep my family healthy and educated.