Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lecture August 3rd

Temptation is not something that I had to deal with very much. I have found that I am very content with all that I have. I have been sitting here trying to think of something that I have had to battle in regard to temptation and I really cannot think of anything at this moment that has tempted me.

When I was younger, 15 with my first baby, I sometimes struggled with dissatisfaction over being a single mom. It seemed like all of my friends were out having such a good time. I really wanted to go out and party, be able to run to the lake and water ski, even just be able to sit out in the yard and relax with a book and get a tan. I was always chasing a baby around! I felt left out many times because I wouldn't be invited places. Even those moments were not much of a challenge though. I enjoyed my son too much!

Maybe chocolate is a temptation... but I just give into that desire when it rolls around and so it couldn't really be considered temptation because I don't struggle with it.