Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lecture August 8th

This to me is a very controversial subject. I feel that ADHD although a very real condition for the most part is a very overused diagnose as well as a overused excuse for parents and teachers.
Kids are very expressive and as we all know can go a “mile a minute” as the old saying goes. Why do we as a society feel that this is so bad now, why do we feel if a child does not listen to our every word or is hyper we need to label it.
The most common label is ADHD. Because of this my first question would be why do you think this? What is the basis of your opinion and how much experience do you have with this disorder?
I would not only seek the advice of one professional but seek a second who both specialize in this disorder. I would visit chart rooms and discussion group of other parents and children who live with the diagnosis. Since medication usually used to treat this disorder it would be very important to me to not only research the medication but look for alternatives.