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lecture Aug 10th

What I got from taking this class- 
WOW it would take too much space on this blogg to be able to convey everything I got from taking this class. First off I am going to say that since taking Psy 101 I have realized I want to continue my education further in this subject. I am working on my ass degree in human services, and honestly I am considering in changing my major Psychology. I have a great interest in all aspects of the study. I believe this class has improved my parenting skills as well as improved the way I think about myself. I have a better understanding over mental health, and my paper on testing IQ's taught me so much. I believe that Psy 101 has made an everlasting impression in my life that has created huge differences. Thank You Lara, you are a great professor and hope to take many more of your classes.

mini assignment 9

Well night time is the main time when I reflect back on what has been happening in the recent past few days. I really liked actually putting into words on paper to some of the thoughts I have. Really I believe that I may have created a new habit. Lets face it, life is not always kind to us and it is easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves. I have been experiencing such emotions recently. This assignment I thought at first would be impossible. After actually starting this assignment I found a therapeutic value to it. After a very difficult day of work physically and emotionally I was wiped out. I laid in my bed with my note pad and pen and just began to write starting with I am so very grateful for.... and although I thought I had it so difficult at the time I realized that I am so blessed. I am indeed grateful for first and foremost my children. I have experienced miraculous strength and courage that only a mother or father could experience. My children bring out in me a LOVE that conquers even the most loneliest and sad of days. I also have to say I'm truly grateful for my boss from where I work, she is so kind and wise, always having inspirational words that seem to come out at the right time. I must say that even as a single mother with ongoing expenses and challenges, I realize how blessed I am to live in a country that has so many opportunities for me to succeed and be able to provide for my family. I am able to feed my kids 3 well rounded meals a day, and a warm and safe place to sleep, and an education, clean clothes and medical attention when they need it. I realize that in some countries mothers watch their children starve or die from diseases that a simple vaccination could have prevented. Even this class is such a blessing to me. It has in so many ways assisted in things that without taking this class I may have never considered, and very well may have guided me in a direction that would otherwise may have not had as good of an outcome. What I am grateful is on going opportunities, my loving and healthy family, and  the ability to provide and keep my family healthy and educated.

Lecture August 10

What I got from taking this class,

I feel that I have learned just the very beginning of a fascinating area of study. There was so much information not only written but from the lectures that I felt at time “wow, I need to know more about that subject” which was a wonderful feeling to have. It was also very interesting to learn how many different opinions and studies are conducted and referred to not only past but now in the present. Learning and reading other opinions help me to see a different point of view that I may not of considered before as relevant. The belief I had prior to this class was that this field would be not only interesting but would help me to realize a path in life that I was ready to take was answered after the very first chapter of this book. Even though I do not have the area of study that I want to follow as narrowing it down seems like a daunting task right now I know for me it is a calling I must answer.
I would also like to thank everyone for posting to the blog, I found it to be a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation for me at times. Thank you all and have a wonderful rest of the summer

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lecture augustt part 2

Are Psychological Disorders a myth?

I do not believe Psychological disorders are a myth but a very real issue in today’s world. We see it every day in the lives of people we know and hear it in their voices when they discuss how they feel and why. I look back and see that in many family’s depression is a issue from generation to generation.
I believe that any person who truly believes they may have a disorder can produce symptoms of such disorder. It may not be real to those who are with that person but that disorder is very real to them. This is why treatment facilities are so important as they help people work though their emotions, feeling and thoughts.

Lecture August 8th

This to me is a very controversial subject. I feel that ADHD although a very real condition for the most part is a very overused diagnose as well as a overused excuse for parents and teachers.
Kids are very expressive and as we all know can go a “mile a minute” as the old saying goes. Why do we as a society feel that this is so bad now, why do we feel if a child does not listen to our every word or is hyper we need to label it.
The most common label is ADHD. Because of this my first question would be why do you think this? What is the basis of your opinion and how much experience do you have with this disorder?
I would not only seek the advice of one professional but seek a second who both specialize in this disorder. I would visit chart rooms and discussion group of other parents and children who live with the diagnosis. Since medication usually used to treat this disorder it would be very important to me to not only research the medication but look for alternatives.

Lecture ~ Aug 10th

What did I get out of this class?
I feel this class has introduced me to the tip of the ice burg, where psychology exists. The subjects we covered were so vast, it was almost overwhelming when I consider where we started from to where we ended. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I think one of the important things I will walk away with, is that research is continuing, that information, documentation and conclusions are changing. That we are constantly growing, changing and getting new knowledge. This is an exciting field to be in, as the new knowledge we acquire can really effect a life. We can be a part of helping the healing process with another person and that is an incredible honor. Through this class, I can see the need to search myself and see what area's of psychology I want to study. I need to narrow my field of interest. I too would like to thank everyone for sharing there life and stories with me. I wish all of you the very best.

08/08/11 lecture 2nd question

Medical treatment for psychological disorders are appropriate when quality of life is being effected negatively and treatment would improve there life.

08/08/11 lecture

Are psychological disorders a myth? Absolutely not, psychological disorders effect many people in many ways. There are many misdiagnoses I'm quite sure, but that happens even in the medical field in diagnosing physical illnesses. We humans are complex creatures and we learn from experiences and they can be positive, and they can be negative. We have many complex chemicals that our body produces, as with any chemical, to have too much, or too little can create complications or in the human brain it can cause mental illnesses such as depression, ADHD, and so on. Why in our chemistry class in high school can we create an adverse reaction by using too much or too little of a chemical, if it happens in the brain is it not safe to assume that we would experience adverse effects as well? I personally experience depression, and have been diagnosed with ADHD, as well as a panic disorder. I know for a fact that mental disorders are real. I have suffered from each of my disorders for as long as I can remember and was only recently diagnosed. Many people are suffering from such disorders and have never received any treatment. If mental illness is a myth, why are people who have no idea they have a disorder suffering? My quality of life has improved so much since I have had my diagnoses, I am even able to attend school, and finish assignments.

Lecture ~ Aug 8th

2nd part of lecture:
WHAT DO YOU THINK? If a teacher suggested that your child be tested for ADHD, what would you do?
Hopefully, I would not take offense and immediately deny the possibility. I need to remember that the teacher is with my child 6 or 7 hours a day, five days a week and possibly sees something that I do not. She could have a more objective view than I, since it is my child. Just as I would respect her request to see a doctor, I will remain open to hear what the specialist says. Now if the doctor says my child does have ADHD I might seek a second opinion. If that one says the same thing, then I would be looking for natural herbs and treatments. I would be looking at his diet and making changes there. I would try my hardest not to put my child on medication if it was at all possible. I would seek out all other options first. If nothing I tried worked, I would try pharmaceutical medication and monitor it closely. I would constantly be looking for new break through in this area.

Lecture ~ Aug 8th

Are Psychological Disorders a myth?
I personally feel Psychological Disorder does exist and many people suffer with this illness. How can a person dismiss what an individual is going through and say it is not real? It's as if they are saying that their symptoms and what they are living through does not exist. If depression is real to the person and they have symptoms that back up what they are experiencing, then it is real. Now I will agree with the possibility that some cases may be misdiagnosed, since the number of cases has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. But even with that acknowledgement, I would maintain that something is still wrong with the individual if they are depressed or displaying inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. I feel these conditions can be helped, so the labeling should not stay with them the rest of their life. There is no shame in having an illness.

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Lecture August 3rd

Temptation is not something that I had to deal with very much. I have found that I am very content with all that I have. I have been sitting here trying to think of something that I have had to battle in regard to temptation and I really cannot think of anything at this moment that has tempted me.

When I was younger, 15 with my first baby, I sometimes struggled with dissatisfaction over being a single mom. It seemed like all of my friends were out having such a good time. I really wanted to go out and party, be able to run to the lake and water ski, even just be able to sit out in the yard and relax with a book and get a tan. I was always chasing a baby around! I felt left out many times because I wouldn't be invited places. Even those moments were not much of a challenge though. I enjoyed my son too much!

Maybe chocolate is a temptation... but I just give into that desire when it rolls around and so it couldn't really be considered temptation because I don't struggle with it.

Mini Assignment 9

Keeping a quick journal of positive moments throughout my day was fun! I found that most of the things that I listed as being positive, and for which I was grateful, revolved around my children. Being grateful for the good things, and sometimes the lessons that I have learned through the negative things, is a routine that takes place as I thank God all of my blessings!

A few of the things for which I found myself being grateful for were the safety of my children. (I have a son who rides dirt bikes) I am exceedingly thankful for my home, a steady job, my grass and flowers this summer, and for my time in the evening when it is quiet enough to study and do homework! We haven't had much sunshine in Tok this summer and so I was thankful for sun on Thursday night!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lecture August 3rd

During the sixteen years my husband was in the military one of the biggest temptations I have witnessed it the temptation to be unfaithful. I have seen many marriages destroyed from one bad decision that it has left a lasting impression on me. My husband, being deployed most of our military time the opportunity was always readily available. I found that the best way for me to handle this was to stay away from not only the people who engaged in this activity but away from the social opportunities the made it present itself. I found positive social groups, spent quality time with my children and made friends who had the same moral values that I did. This helped me during that time-frame and gave me a much stronger marriage as a whole.

lecture August 1st

I took the Thematic Apperception Test and took my first idea to compose the following.

I see two women who are related a mother and a daughter. They over time have had many different view points during life. The strain of the relationship is shown in both women's face. The younger women is thinking “I am so tired of hearing the same information over and over again and I hope I don’t age and treat my children this way”. The older women is thinking “ Why doesn’t she listen, I am only trying to help with information I learned over my lifetime”.

After this photo was taken both women talked about small stuff, unimportant things that go on daily in their life. They avoided anything that would of put more stress into an already stressful relationship. Once they had lunch or dinner they went home and continued on with their day. The daughter made her normal evening phone call to make sure her mother was okay as she always did and then went to bed.

Mini Assignment 9

I found this experience to be very positive. I liked reflecting over the day. I think this exercise made me more aware of blessings, of the positive things that happened through out the day. Without me taking the time to look back, I would of let them just slip by without me taking much notice. I find that surprising about myself, as I would normally say that I am a thankful person. This has opened my eyes up to the fact I take a lot for granite. I believe this exercise helped me to sleep better, as I was focusing on positiveness as I closed my mind. I think this is something I need to work on doing every night.

Mini Assignment 9

My family
my home
my memories
watching my grandson
laughing with co-workers

I found that listing the things in life that made me happy before bed gave me time to reflect on why they made me feel happy and fulfilled. I also found that doing this before bed helped me sleep better. I have panic attacks usually in the morning so this seemed to relieve some of those as well. I would wake up and reread the things I wrote previously and that helped me start my day feeling better. I believe that remembering what makes you happy daily can benefit your life by reminding yourself life is not at bad as we can make it seem sometimes. That actually we have many blessings to be thankful for.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lecture ~ Aug 3

Life is full of many temptations. I think each temptation is different and the way of escape varies. One of the biggest temptations that I have encountered during the past 10 years is weight gain and taking the excess weight off. Since I am not a person that does diets, it was difficult to train my mind to eat differently. When temptation came, and it did often, I would focus on what I wanted to look like and the amount of weight that I wanted to loose. I learned to talk and reason to myself, that this way of eating was not going to be forever. That the day would come when I would be able again to enjoy my favorite foods. I also look at my goal, the outfit that I wanted to wear. It is a daily mindset that food will not control me, that I do have a choice and that I can master this temptation. I am very proud to say, it has taken me 1 year, but I have lost a total of 31 pounds and have kept it off.

Lecture ~ Aug 1st

When I first looked at the ink blot, I saw two profiles of women's faces, looking in different directions. They resembled masks on sticks. Their face is in pink and their eyes and eye brows are green. They set on individual posts that meets in the middle and becomes one stick. What the book calls blue spiders could be blue flowers, that the women are smelling. Portions of the blue give definition to the ladies nose and mouth.
As I continue to look at the figure, I can see a head of a goat in the middle of the two women. It has green horns and two yellow eyes. It has nostrils and a mouth. It's chin rests in the "y" section of the stick. It appears to be blowing smoke out of its mouth. The goat has a goatee. The blue between his eyes and nose is just a different coloration of his hair. In the top section, at the outer edges there appears to be two sea shells, both brown. The concluding story of the ink blot is as follows: The two women were walking along the beach, taking their pet goat for a walk. As the tide went out, they discovered two brown, shinny shells in the sand. Excitingly they picked the shells up, planning to add them to their collection at home.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mini Assignment 8

The person of interest I chose was King David from the Bible. David was the youngest of eight brothers. The prophet Samuel anointed him as king, but it was many years before David took on that role. David was a young warrior known for his bravery and his skill with the harp. He faced and killed the giant Goliath. He became the commander of King Saul's army and married his daughter, Michal. He was known as "a man after God's own heart." Yet with all of his love and faithfulness in serving God, he was still a human being capable of sinning. David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband killed. When confronted by the prophet Nathan, David did not try to lie or justify his actions. He admitted his sin and repented, asking God for forgiveness. I really like that about David. He took responsibility for his actions, didn't blame anyone else. I liked his transparency and honesty of his wrong actions. God still used his life. I think David was a might man of God.
Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite
David commits adultery with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite. Bathsheba becomes pregnant. David sends for Uriah, who is with the Israelite army at the siege of Rabbah, so that he may lie with his wife and conceal the identity of the child's father. Uriah refuses to do so while his companions are in the field of battle and David sends him back to Joab, the commander, with a message instructing him to abandon Uriah on the battlefield, "that he may be struck down, and die." David marries Bathsheba and she bears his child, "but the thing the David had done displeased the Lord." The prophet Nathan confronts David, saying: "Why have you despised the word of God, to do what is evil in his sight? You have smitten Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and have taken his wife to be your wife." Nathan presents three punishments from God for this sin. First that the "sword shall never depart from your house" (2 Samuel 12:10) second, that "Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will sleep with your wives in broad daylight. 12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel. (2 Samuel 12:12) and finally, that "the son born to you will die" (2 Samuel 12:14). David repents, yet God "struck the (David's) child... and it became sick...(And) on the seventh day the child died." David leaves his lamentations, dresses himself, and eats. His servants ask why he wept when the baby was alive, but ends his mourning when the child dies. David replies: "While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept, I thought, 'Who knows? The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live.' But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me." (2 Samuel 12-22-23, New International Version) (This info taken from "Wikipedia." I was unable to cut and paste, so typed the info out)
Advise I would offer David:
I think I would encourage David to continue to work on forgiving himself. I would try to follow some of Carl Rogers guidelines and look for the good. I would be really positive and supportive and show empathy. Even though I do not agree with the actions that David took on having Uriah killed and committing adultery with Bathsheba, he needs to know I do not stand in judgement. I would show him respect. As I listen to David share his story, it is important to listen with my heart. Let him know I care and encourage him there is still a future. Not to give up hope.

Lecture ~ July 27th

I tried this exercise with my friend Carol. She was unaware of her participation. After 30 or so minutes, I tried to see if our responses to each other during our conversation mirrored each other. I was surprised to find on most levels we responded identically. When I was sharing something really personal and leaning in towards her, I noticed her leaning towards me, nodding in agreement. She indeed was mirroring my actions. I found the same to be true when she was speaking. I had the tendency to move towards her in agreement. What I did not see was either of us mirroring each other when it came to touching our face or body. I did notice at one point, when I did disagree with something she said, that we both moved back in our chairs. There was mutual respect for each other, but not the closeness we had shared earlier.
I found this exercise to be really interesting. I decided to try it on other people and see what results I ended up with. When I tried it on my husband, it was definitely different than with my girlfriend. Just the tone of voice (he tends to get loud when he gets excited or wants to prove a point), would make me retreat, and scoot to the back of the chair. Even when we agreed with each other and he was loud, I would still lean back inthe chair. When his voice was on a normal level, and we were in agreement, we both leaned into each other. I am surprised at how much we use body language without be counscious of it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lecture August 1

When I first looked at the ink blot test I saw a really cool goat in blue sunglasses with green horns and golden ears! I did not see the seahorses or the spiders until I turned the ink blot upside down. I still saw an upside goat though! I think that I like him!

The thematic appreciation picture brought to mind the worst traits that women tend to have... gossiping and judgmental tendencies! The older woman has just told the younger woman a slight mis-truth and the younger woman is downright angry. The person whom the older woman is gossiping about likes the fact that the younger woman is angry. She is satisfied that she has caused angst.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini assignment 8

The family acquired great wealth when J.J.'s engineering efforts proved instrumental in the production of a substantial ore seam at the Little Jonny Mine of his employers, Ibex Mining Company, and he was awarded 12,500 shares of stock and a seat on the board. In Leadville, Margaret first became involved with the women's suffrage issue, helping to establish the Colorado chapter of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and working in soup kitchens to assist miners' families. During 1894, the Browns moved to Denver, Colorado, which gave the family more social opportunities. Margaret became a charter member of the Denver Woman's Club, whose mission was the improvement of women's lives by continuing education and philanthropy. During 1901, she was one of the first students to enroll at the Carnegie Institute [disambiguation needed] in New York. Adjusting to the trappings of a society lady, Brown became well-immersed in the arts and fluent in the French, German, and Russian languages. During 1909 she advertised herself as campaigning for the U.S. Senate. Margaret assisted in the fund-raising for Denver's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception which was completed during 1911. Margaret worked with Judge Lindsey to help destitute children and establish the United States' first juvenile court which helped form the basis of the modern U.S. juvenile courts system.

Molly Brown was an educated and compassionate woman. She did so many things for people with disadvantages. She opened soup kitchens, and fund raisers for many things. She has a very compassionate heart and put needs of others before her own. Surviving the titanic she stepped up to fight for the rights of people less fortunate.  She used her own money and with the fundraisers she made a huge difference with her efforts. 

I'm not certain what Molly could have done differently to be more successful in her goals in life. She is an outstanding and brave woman that history will never forget.

Lecture July 27

I did not realize how much I mirrored people until I listened to this lecture! I had never consciously paid attention! As I spoke with a couple of people this afternoon, I paid attention to their body language and also my mine. Once I started to pay attention to my actions though, I found that I became just a little bit self conscious of my actions!

I realized that I am naturally expressive through body language! I noticed throughout the day that I do use body language often when dealing with my children. I noticed that it is natural for me to get down on the floor when my youngest son is showing me a reenactment of WWE with his Halo action figures. I sit on the edge of my oldest son's bed when he is showing me a new drawing. Those were just two instances this afternoon when I caught myself naturally getting more on their level when I am communicating them! It is has been eye opening to pay atttention to my own body language.

I did not speak with anyone who I am in disagreement with today but I will try to remember to be conscious of my body language when trying to settle a disagreement or having a discussion with someone with whom I do not agree with!

Mini Assignment 8

Charles Manson has always interested me. He was a man on the edge of a musical career that due to his anti society beliefs was able to conduct some of the most horrific murders know to date. His leadership and control the he held over others can be complex in thought but came very easy for him.

At the time the Family began to form, Manson was an unemployed ex-convict, who had spent half of his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offenses. Before the murders, he was a singer-songwriter on the fringe of the Los Angeles music industry, chiefly through a chance association with Dennis Wilson, founding member and drummer of The Beach Boys. After Manson was charged with the crimes he was later convicted of, recordings of songs written and performed by him were released commercially. Artists, including Guns N' Roses, White Zombie and Marilyn Manson, have covered his songs.

I believe that like many artist he suffered from a anti social issue. I do not believe he realized this to much later in life but that unconscious state of mind shaped him from a young age. That due to his family history of never belonging which formed when he was sent to live with different relatives throughout his young life drove him to became leery of society. Why not, if even your own family disowned you why wold society want you as a whole. Therefor when society as he felt turned on him he became more withdrawn from it as a group. Due to his leadership ability he was able to use take that unconscious state of mind which I believe by then he understood well he was able to lead others to believe in him by portraying the “society doesn’t care, want or need you” to his group of followers but I do.

It seems to me that again as a group artist are more loners in general. They, I have found have very strong leadership abilities and therefor command the interest and followers in a group. I would tell him to use his ability in a positive way. Find what motivates him, his music, his love of leadership and build from that. Not all society is going to treat you fairly but no one is truly alone and their are more positive outlets in society that could use this type of leadership and musical ability. Music soothes the soul use that as your motivation to succeed.

July 25 lecture

I believe that our personality is shaped by our morales, values and life experiences. We through every stage of our life experience life in different ways. Some positive and some negative therefor our personality most definitely is effected from that. I think of a time when I volunteered for an organization for many years, believed in it and worked hard to make it a success. When a new director came in and changed all the policies and outed everyone who was there I found myself very hurt, mad and depressed over the situation. Recently when asked if I would join another volunteer organization those thoughts raced back and I declined. Prior to this my personality drove me to get involved in causes I believe in now my personality says work within your own family and make that your success. I do believe that my personality was altered and feel it will be in other ways as I age.

Mini Assignment 8

Psychodynamic Analysis of Jim Jones

James “Jim" Jones is not a hero of mine. He is simply a fascinating character in history that was able to lead over 900 people to commit mass suicide, 300 of those people being children whose parents willingly poisoned them.

If I were to play with psychodynamic theories regarding the unconscious traits of Jim Jones which led him to be one of the most diabolical characters in American history, I would have to state that his insecurity as a young child would have been the beginnings of his need to be a revolutionary leader. Experiences in his childhood, such as his Mother being harassed by the FBI, led him to form extremely idealized views of society in which he dreamed of leading people out of their oppression through socialism. In the process he would be a loved and admired hero to his followers which appeased his childhood desire for acceptance.

Jim Jones noticed early on in his life that he could manipulate people through their religion. He turned himself into a charismatic religious leader and formed a following of people who looked to him as the center of their new socialist paradise. He wrapped good ideology, such as de-segregation, into a socialist cult where he placed himself as the center of the movement and used sex and power to bind his followers so closely to himself that they joined him a suicidal nightmare.

Jim Jones needed early intervention in his life. He was living in a volatile age when our country was questioning its own ideals because of the opposition to the Vietnam War. People who opposed the war were attracted to socialism and communism and were antagonistic towards American ideals and capitalism. Some, such as Jones, and perhaps those around him actually hated American ideals enough to think that they needed to save our country from the great evil of capitalism. In his later years, he appealed to those who felt racially and economically oppressed. Those people by which he surrounded himself encouraged him in his delusion of grandeur. They knelt to his leadership and agreed with his ideology, feeding his ego, making his need for approval and acceptance (which had eluded him as a child) grow into an abusive beast that overtook his entire personality. He farther secluded himself and his followers and progressed into the horrid creature that sexually and emotionally abused his followers securing their ties to him.

The only salvation for Jim would have come at an early age before his self-esteem was destroyed by apparent torment as a child. He would have needed at least one adult mentor to lead him into a normal socialization pattern. His Mother, whom it appears had her own strong views of the world, likely shaped his image of the outside world and portrayed the larger society around him as being evil and unjust. His childhood dreams of acceptance and revolutionary change progressed into a deep madness with the admiration and commitment of his followers and supporters edging him farther off the precipice. By the time that he was a young adult, his path was set. There would have been little advise that anyone could have given him that would have changed his self destructive path. Unfortunately the political and economic time frame in which he lived led others to follow him on that destructive path.


Indiana beginnings

Jim Jones' first church in Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1951, Jones became a member of the Communist Party USA, and began attending meetings and rallies in Indianapolis.[12] He became flustered with harassment he received during the McCarthy Hearings,[12] particularly regarding an event he attended with his mother focusing on Paul Robeson, after which she was harassed by the FBI in front of her co-workers for attending.[13] He also became frustrated with what he perceived to be ostracism of open communists in the United States, especially during the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.[14] This frustration, among other things, provoked a seminal moment for Jones in which he asked himself "how can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."[12][13]

Jones' interest in religion began during his childhood, primarily because he found making friends difficult, though initially he vacillated on his church of choice.[4] Jones was surprised when a Methodist superintendent helped him to get a start in the church even though he knew Jones to be a communist and Jones did not meet him through the Communist Party.[14] In 1952, Jones became a student pastor in Sommerset Southside Methodist Church, but claims he left that church because its leaders barred him from integrating blacks into his congregation.[12] Around this time, Jones witnessed a faith-healing service at the Seventh Day Baptist Church.[12] He observed that it attracted people and their money and concluded that, with financial resources from such healings, he could help accomplish his social goals.[12]

Jones then began his own church, which changed names until it became the Peoples Temple Christian Church Full Gospel.[12] Jones sold pet monkeys door-to-door to raise funds for his church.[15]

Jones moved away from the Communist Party and Maoists when CPUSA members and Mao Tse-tung became critical of some of the policies of former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.[14]

Deaths in Jonestown

Main article: Jonestown

Later that same day, 909 inhabitants of Jonestown,[89] 303 of them children, died of apparent cyanide poisoning, mostly in and around a pavilion.[90] This resulted in the greatest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the September 11, 2001 attacks.[91] No video was taken during the mass suicide, though the FBI did recover a 45 minute audio recording of the suicide in progress.[92]

On that tape, Jones tells Temple members that the Soviet Union, with whom the Temple had been negotiating a potential exodus for months, would not take them after the Temple had murdered Ryan and four others at a nearby airstrip.[92] The reason given by Jones to commit suicide was consistent with his previously stated conspiracy theories of intelligence organizations allegedly conspiring against the Temple, that men would "parachute in here on us," "shoot some of our innocent babies" and "they'll torture our children, they'll torture some of our people here, they'll torture our seniors."[92] Parroting Jones' prior statements that hostile forces would convert captured children to fascism, one temple member states "the ones that they take captured, they're gonna just let them grow up and be dummies."[92]

Christine Miller

Given that reasoning, Jones and several members argued that the group should commit "revolutionary suicide" by drinking cyanide-laced grape flavored Flavor-Aid along with a sedative.[92] One member, Christine Miller, dissents toward the beginning of the tape.[92] When members apparently cried, Jones counseled "Stop this hysterics. This is not the way for people who are Socialists or Communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity."[92] Jones can be heard saying, "Don't be afraid to die," that death is "just stepping over into another plane" and that "[death is] a friend."[92] At the end of the tape, Jones concludes: "We didn't commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world."[92] According to escaping Temple members, children were given the drink first and families were told to lie down together.[93] Mass suicide had been previously discussed in simulated events called "White Nights" on a regular basis.[78][94] During at least one such prior White Night, members drank liquid that Jones falsely told them was poison.[78][94]

Jones was found dead in a deck chair with a gunshot wound to his head that Guyanese coroner Cyrill Mootoo stated was consistent with a self-inflicted gun wound.[95] However, Jones' son Stephan believes his father may have directed someone else to shoot him.[96] An autopsy of Jones' body also showed levels of the barbiturate Pentobarbital which may have been lethal to humans who had not developed physiological tolerance.[97] Jones' drug usage (including LSD and marijuana) was confirmed by his son, Stephan, and Jones' doctor in San Francisco.

On December 13, 1973, Jones was arrested and charged with soliciting a man for sex in a movie theater bathroom known for homosexual activity, in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.[98] The man was an undercover Los Angeles Police Department vice officer. Jones is on record as later telling his followers that he was "the only true heterosexual", but at least one account exists of his sexual abuse of a male member of his congregation in front of the followers, ostensibly to prove the man's own homosexual tendencies.[98]

While Jones banned sex among Temple members outside of marriage, he himself voraciously engaged in sexual relations with both male and female Temple members.[99][100] Jones, however, claimed that he detested engaging in homosexual activity and did so only for the male temple adherents' own good, purportedly to connect them symbolically with him (Jones).[99]

One of Jones' sources of inspiration was the controversial International Peace Mission movement leader Father Divine.[101] Jones had borrowed the term "revolutionary suicide"[102] from Black Panther leader and Peoples Temple supporter Huey Newton who had argued "the slow suicide of life in the ghetto" ought to be replaced by revolutionary struggle that would end only in victory (socialism and self determination) or revolutionary suicide (death).

While James “Jim” Jones is not a hero in my eyes, he is a character who fascinates me because of his strong ideals and extraordinary appeal to other people. These strong ideals and his appeal led to the suicide of hundreds of people who also voluntarily killed their own children in the process.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lecture July 25th

I do not believe that personality changes over time. Our ideas, values , and our vision changes as new information is added, but our personality remains the same. Personality is the underlying foundation that helps us relate to our world.

For example, my oldest daughter Amanda has always been stable and focused and her humor leans towards the serious and rational side. Even though I have seen her world transformed and her values and morals change, her personality is still the same. She is still solid and serious with a mild and steady sense of humor. My oldest son has an entirely different personality. His humor is irrational sometimes, and he is spontaneous and views the world through different lenses than my daughter does. He too has had moral and judgmental transformations, especially after Marine Corps boot camp. But when I am with both of them, I know how each will react to differing situations simply because I know them!

My mother also still recognizes me after thirty years of shifting values and morals and outlooks on life. I am still me. My personality is uniquely mine.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lecture Notes ~ July 25th

When I reflect back 5 years ago and compare it to where I am today, I definitely see a change in my personality. The core of me has remained the same, but there have been suttle changes. I have just completed 2 1/2 years of schooling in Fairbanks, through Rural Human Services. I have seen so much growth in my life from attending school. There is a part of me that is more out going, more confident, and that comes across in my personality. I now have the mind set that, yes, I can do it! Nothing is impossible to reach for. I have found my voice through schooling and that has changed me, in a positive way. I am still the same person, but I have grown.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 20th Lecture

I was not able to down load my medicine wheel, so I will write it out:
Physical: 1) Glands in body produce growth hormones. 2) Girls 11-12, body starts to fill out in hips and bust area, changing inward and outwardly. 3) Boys grow taller, leaner, more muscle mass. 4) Becomes interested in sex.
Emotional: 1) Teenagers, when they experience love for the first time (referred to as puppy love), it is really real to them. First time experience, nothing to compare it to. They seem very emotional, dramatic during this time in life. 2) Their brain is going through development (frontal lobe). 3) This effects their ability to make consistent good decisions. 4) Passionate connection to friends.
Mental: 1) Seem to have abstract thought, analyze things, compares, random thoughts. 2) Challenges what parents have told them, begins to make their own decision, based on there own thoughts and reasoning. 3) Funny, insightful and deep thinkers.
Spiritual: 1) Strong family values, strong moral, knows right from wrong. 2) Help them make good choices. 3) Experience it through friends of family members. 4) Not all youth grow up with spiritual influence, but around the age of 25, start asking themselves, "why am I here" and seeking answers.

July 20th lecture

Hormone changes
Body changes start to happen (girls bust and hips grow, boys get more muscler and taller
Sexual interest begins
Irrational decisions at time

The first true love or puppy love, very dramatic, overwhelming due to the fact they have no comparison
Brain starts developing in different areas which effect the decision and emotional thinking
Friends become very important at times more than family

Thought process varies from very strong point driven to random at times
Become more defiant wanting to make their own decisions
Attitude changes such as feeling in invincibility

The question of what is spirituality and does god exist. When as younger children they just believed as they were told.

July 18th lecture

After working with children involved in youth sports for over eight years it has always amazed me the influence that outside sources especially other children can have on each other. I have seen with group activities that provide a positive influence even with children that have been exposed to negative influences in their lives start to thrive. We as adults sometimes forget that our lives need to slow down and we need to communicate with our children more often. We need to instill the positive influences in their lives as for the most part of the day we have no idea of what they are being exposed to. We need to make sure their emotion needs are meet as well as their physical needs. Due to economics most family’s have both parents employed and due to that fact we are away from our children for the most part of their day. We come home tired, cook dinner, clean, do yard work and other activities that must be done but we forget that we must talk to our children and put our values and morals out their for them to have other choices. A few hours on a busy weekend does not work we need family time so our children develop the trust and family values that will hopefully help them develop more positively. So yes I do agree.

July 20th



hormonal changes with increase in estrogen, waist broadens, breasts grow, uterus and ovaries mature, lining of uterus is engorged with blood, "last chance or second chance for the brain" causing rash or impulsive decisions


hormonal changes with an increase in testosterone, grow taller and leaner, they gain more muscle mass, voice changes, testes grow, interest in women and sex increases, "last chance or second chance for the brain" causing rash or impulsive decisions



attracted to emotional characteristics of boys, drama increases and they experience "puppy love", "last chance or second chance for the brain", abstract thinking, begin to think about relationships and feelings, may feel anger or frustration and may experience loneliness, identity formation takes place


attracted to physical attributes of girls, increased drama and first instance of "puppy love", "last chance or second chance for the brain" causing rash or impulsive decisions, abstract thinking, begin to think about relationships and feelings, may feel anger or frustration and may experience loneliness, identity formation takes place


Brain needs more sleep for cognition or it may lead to “hungry, angry, lonely, tired”, cognitive changes take place causing “adolescent ego-centrism” which leads to a belief that one is invincible,


some may experience and think about spirituality, some may gain an awareness of spirituality if it had not been a component of their earlier years

Mini Assignment 7

I loved those videos! Loved them!

I already know what type of senior I want to be! I have a wonderful example in my mother who coached hockey at 58 and 59 and who took a six day raft trip down the Yukon this summer with my kids and I! She just admitted last night that even though she is considered a senior citizen at 60 years old, she doesn't feel like a senior citizen... although she did ask for her senior discount at the state park the other day!

Aging in this day and age is not like it used to be. Health and health care is so good and people are living into their nineties and beyond! We have been guilty of sitting our older folks in rocking chairs and ignoring them. That isn't fair though. My Mom could be told that she needs to slow down and knit table cloths... instead she is doing what she loves! She loves camping and now she has a new interest in rafting the rivers and is making plans to raft the Tanana and the Chena Rivers with the kids and I.

When asked what kind of senior I want to be... I would have to answer that I want to be just like Mom! What an example!

July 18th

The article in our text regarding co-rumination is thought provoking. I do agree that sometimes patterns are shaped in relationships with friends that can influence our emotional well being. Children are especially suseptible to negative influences in their peer relationships. Co-rumination is a concern for parents these days even more so than in the past. Since the institutionalization of schooling amongst the majority of children in our nation and many others, children spend the greatest amount of their time with other children and with adults who are not necessarily personally involved in their emotional world. Today, children are heavily shaped and molded by the influences that surround them in public schools. Parental influence is secondary to the influence of peers and educators. This fact unfortunately leaves children devoid of the positive influence that parents can have on their child's emotional well being. A child that is continuously bombarded with negativity will not thrive unless the parent of the child can balance that negativity with positive influence and guidance. That is not a possibility for many parents who only have a few hours to spare on the weekend and perhaps an hour or two in the evenings after work during the weekday.

mini assignment 7

What type of elder do I want to be. I hope to be like my grandfather who at the age of 94 just passed. He was happy, kind, motivated, still worked his garden played scrabble every weekend and loved the outdoors. I share allot of those characteristics plus the love of taking my grandchild to the park, talking long walks, water skiing and hiking. I hope to remain as active then as I am now.

When people ask me how old I am I honestly think about it. Not that I don’t know but I learned years ago that age is just a number your ability to stay young comes from your attitude. I don’t feel mid 40, don’t act mid 40 and hope to keep feeling this way as I age gracefully I may add.

I want my children and grandchildren to get excited about visiting and the crazy things we may continue to do. The adventures we will do as we continue to travel around. Life is short and I intend on living it to the fullest of my ability.