Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Assignment 7

I loved those videos! Loved them!

I already know what type of senior I want to be! I have a wonderful example in my mother who coached hockey at 58 and 59 and who took a six day raft trip down the Yukon this summer with my kids and I! She just admitted last night that even though she is considered a senior citizen at 60 years old, she doesn't feel like a senior citizen... although she did ask for her senior discount at the state park the other day!

Aging in this day and age is not like it used to be. Health and health care is so good and people are living into their nineties and beyond! We have been guilty of sitting our older folks in rocking chairs and ignoring them. That isn't fair though. My Mom could be told that she needs to slow down and knit table cloths... instead she is doing what she loves! She loves camping and now she has a new interest in rafting the rivers and is making plans to raft the Tanana and the Chena Rivers with the kids and I.

When asked what kind of senior I want to be... I would have to answer that I want to be just like Mom! What an example!