Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini Assignment 6

I read this assignment with one of my co-workers and we both agreed that it would depend on the task at hand if we were to have better outcomes being angry or happy. Working with numbers all day if I get upset or agitated I can not get my spreadsheet to total the sums I need no matter what I do. However if I am calm and relaxed I seem to always be able to find the sum I need. She on the other hand finds that if she gets upset when her projects do not add up she can find the sum easier because she focuses just on the task at hand.

I believe that in a calm and relaxed state of mind we think more logically and are more sure of our decisions. In the other option of being upset or mad we are impulsive, irrational and unclear of our decisions and actions. I would prefer at any time to hand work in that was done while my nature was calm vs upset. I would agree very strongly with Alice Isen’s study just based solely of my own personal experiences.