Saturday, July 16, 2011

mini assignment 7

I read this theory with my son. How funny this kid is. After reading this intersection the first thing he said, is " I like orange juice." He was kidding however. Actually I was impressed by what he had to say. My 14 year old son stated that he thinks that this reading is incorrect. I have to agree actually. He believes that "in a more calm state of mind, people have a more logical and well thought perspective in the ways of thinking." This is his actual wording. I agree, how many times have we been hit with a curve ball in day to day life? I know from my life's experience I have been prone to make irrational decisions when my emotions have been shaken up. However, I can see in a way maybe how they have reached this conclusion. When I have been upset over something and can't seem to shake it from my mind, all I can do is think and think and think about everything and every angle just trying to understand. When I am happy and have no worries I have also found myself in a comfortable state of being and have made decisions like buying things maybe I shouldn't, or telling my kids that they can do something with out truly thinking things through. I think that in bad moods, or happy moods either one, we can make bad decisions, and we can also make good decisions.