Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 20th Lecture

I was not able to down load my medicine wheel, so I will write it out:
Physical: 1) Glands in body produce growth hormones. 2) Girls 11-12, body starts to fill out in hips and bust area, changing inward and outwardly. 3) Boys grow taller, leaner, more muscle mass. 4) Becomes interested in sex.
Emotional: 1) Teenagers, when they experience love for the first time (referred to as puppy love), it is really real to them. First time experience, nothing to compare it to. They seem very emotional, dramatic during this time in life. 2) Their brain is going through development (frontal lobe). 3) This effects their ability to make consistent good decisions. 4) Passionate connection to friends.
Mental: 1) Seem to have abstract thought, analyze things, compares, random thoughts. 2) Challenges what parents have told them, begins to make their own decision, based on there own thoughts and reasoning. 3) Funny, insightful and deep thinkers.
Spiritual: 1) Strong family values, strong moral, knows right from wrong. 2) Help them make good choices. 3) Experience it through friends of family members. 4) Not all youth grow up with spiritual influence, but around the age of 25, start asking themselves, "why am I here" and seeking answers.