Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini Assignment 6

I called my Mom and read page 240 to her. We both agreed that when trying to solve math problems or other issues that require concentration then a "bad" mood is necessary. We discussed that the mood isn't necessarily "bad" though. Irritation if someone breaks our concentration might lead one to suspect that a person was in a bad mood. The article brought out the importance of being able to overlook insignificant details. That is a good point if your are making certain decisions such as choosing which brand of orange juice to buy, but when solving a crime details are going to be of the utmost importance. That need for concentration and inner thought leaves us locked into our own world and irritated when others intrude upon our thoughts. We also agreed that some problems are better solved when one is in good humor. Good humor is needed when putting together a new tent with forty-two tent poles in a hail storm. A positive mood is definitely more conducive to solving a problem of that sort! Most daily issues that we face are better solved with a more positive outlook but for the most part, concentration requires a bit of a "bad mood" posture.