Friday, July 15, 2011

Mini Assignment 6

My husband and I read the assignment together. Half way through the reading I stopped and asked him how he felt about what I had just read. It was surprising how similar our thoughts and opinions were. We both disagreed strongly with there findings. Especially the statement that people with negative moods are more likely to think things through carefully, reaching conclusions based on logic. Everything they were stating as facts, we felt just the opposite. We know from our own personal experience that when we are upset, we make irrational decisions, our think is not logical and we are more apt to make mistakes. Once we have had the chance to calm down and think things through calmly, we can make better decisions.
It was funny when we started to read Alice Isen's study and how much we agreed with her. All of her statement were right on target, in our opinion. We could relate to them and apply them to our lives. What she was writing seems like common sense to us.