Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lecture July 27

I did not realize how much I mirrored people until I listened to this lecture! I had never consciously paid attention! As I spoke with a couple of people this afternoon, I paid attention to their body language and also my mine. Once I started to pay attention to my actions though, I found that I became just a little bit self conscious of my actions!

I realized that I am naturally expressive through body language! I noticed throughout the day that I do use body language often when dealing with my children. I noticed that it is natural for me to get down on the floor when my youngest son is showing me a reenactment of WWE with his Halo action figures. I sit on the edge of my oldest son's bed when he is showing me a new drawing. Those were just two instances this afternoon when I caught myself naturally getting more on their level when I am communicating them! It is has been eye opening to pay atttention to my own body language.

I did not speak with anyone who I am in disagreement with today but I will try to remember to be conscious of my body language when trying to settle a disagreement or having a discussion with someone with whom I do not agree with!