Saturday, July 16, 2011

lesson 7

   Exploring human development is to me the most interesting topic I've come across this far in the experience psychology class. How amazing and complex creatures we humans are. From the first moment of conception through every footstep of our journey on this planet we continue to develop nonstop always learning always growing till the last breath we take in. How amazing it is that we begin our journey as a microscopic single cell that goes on to begin the development process from a precious infant in only 9 months to an ongoing miraculous creature with endless possibilities. Some of the things that were mentioned in the lesson are explanations of personal experiences. Clarity if you will, things like, The little girl with the beaker in figure 8.8, reminded me of my daughter during her preoperational stage of development. My daughter was carrying her plate to the sink from the dinner table and I reminded her to be careful not to drop her dish because it is breakable, and I can remember like it was only yesterday her face as she looked up at me and asked "Mommy, will it break if I drop it on accident?" Her concept of something she had never experienced before was simply her imagination rather then logic. At the age of 9 she has since crossed over into the concrete operational stage. She now has become one of the best critical thinking, logical, and intelligent individuals I have had in my life. Now that is only one of a great many experiences in the beginning of one individuals stages of development.
   I guess I would have to say that something else I liked reading about in this lesson was what I got from reading about resilient children. I'm sure I am not the only one that has experienced hardships or difficult times when children were indirectly involved in something difficult to understand. There is nothing more unbearable to a mother then to see a child sad and having no immediate cure for them. A mothers understanding and compassionate heart, words of encouragement and an ear for listening, those are the best methods to promote healing and develop life skills needed to be resilient and overcome the disappointments life brings our way sometimes. A child needs to feel security so they have nothing holding them back. If a child knows that no matter what happens he will not be alone a child can be better motivated to move forward and have fewer doubts about them selves. There is too many things to share about this subject. I could go on forever and not run out of stories. Reason being that as we develop, we experience, as we experience we learn, as we learn we live till our very last breath.