Saturday, July 2, 2011

Martin Seligman

I believe that psychology is not only good but a very needed part of society. I believe that we all have the ability to live a happy life. We must be able to turn our negative experiences to positive by learning a lesson from each of those experiences. After suffering a deep depression for many years while I was involved in a bad marriage I realized that I myself was creating this state of mind. I allowed my ex husband to treat me badly both mentally and physically. I allowed him the power of control by my low self esteem that he created to gain that control. After my children were born I found the strength to say enough, it was time to find the joy I felt with them every day of my life so I left. It took only a month to feel that joy every day, to look at each day with optimism and hope. I had to increase my own self worth and develop my own self esteem and not allow some one else to shape that.

With this I believe that I fell under the category of meaningful life. Once my life had meaning to me which was the birth of my children it became positive. For me that meaning gave me a reason to live outside of the negative arena I was in. We can not be truly happy without a meaningful life, we have to feel that our footprint on this world meant something to not only someone else but to our self. I found the strength within my children and developed that into my everyday life and am very thankful for that.