Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lecture July 25th

I do not believe that personality changes over time. Our ideas, values , and our vision changes as new information is added, but our personality remains the same. Personality is the underlying foundation that helps us relate to our world.

For example, my oldest daughter Amanda has always been stable and focused and her humor leans towards the serious and rational side. Even though I have seen her world transformed and her values and morals change, her personality is still the same. She is still solid and serious with a mild and steady sense of humor. My oldest son has an entirely different personality. His humor is irrational sometimes, and he is spontaneous and views the world through different lenses than my daughter does. He too has had moral and judgmental transformations, especially after Marine Corps boot camp. But when I am with both of them, I know how each will react to differing situations simply because I know them!

My mother also still recognizes me after thirty years of shifting values and morals and outlooks on life. I am still me. My personality is uniquely mine.