Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mini Assignment 5

It was a very interesting video as the person moved very quickly but what struck me was how much he looked like my nephew. Maybe that is why I didn’t find really that anyone looked like the bomber I saw. However, not being told that he may not be in the lineup I choose one of the persons of interest. I was wrong but even then I could see how not being given all the information may lead you to a false conclusion. Due to the fact that you were not given an option to not choose a person you are lead to believe he is in this lineup.

Finding a person guilty of something they did not commit would cause me personally shame, quilt and many sleepless nights. I do think from this exercise that we will remember this if we are ever in a situation to have to pick someone out of a lineup. However, will this cause us to question our decisions to the point of not being able to pick someone even if our strongest emotions tell us he or she is that person?