Friday, July 1, 2011

Martin Seligman

I have been an optimistic person my whole life. I happened to marry a very negative man who is now my ex husband. My ex husband fell in love with me because he loved the way I could make him feel. I made him feel happy and I had a way about me that made him laugh and feel carefree. We can only make people happy for so long. Just until the new wears off and then they fall back into there natural state. I believe that true happiness comes from our ability to be live our lives to the fullest, not to hang on to the negative feelings of things we can not change. Only we can make ourselves happy. Martin stated that there were 3 happy lives, the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life. What is it that truly makes me happy? I would have to say it would be the meaningful life, I have my children, they are healthy, happy, and need for nothing. Do my children and I want things we don't have, and would it make us happy to have them, Yes, Yes, Yes. Would we be happier people if we had them, No, No, No. I may not always have my bills paid every month on time, but my bills will be paid, if I can't pay them on time it will not help me get them paid on time if I freak out and make myself miserable, so I take each challenge as something I will overcome, and I feel anxious for nothing. (Not to make it seem that my bills are not paid, just an example) I keep my blessings in clear view and I take it one day at a time. These are the things that drove my ex husband crazy about me, I didn't worry enough. Where does worrying actually get us besides unhappy, I believe this to be a part of positive psychology.