Saturday, July 2, 2011

BF Skinner

I believe we are all creatures of habit. Take for instance when I get off of work I always call my husband and tell him I am on the way home, once home I hang my keys in the same place, go change out of my work cloths and immediately start dinner. I believe I have don the same routine for over 25 years, I feel my reward after this is being able to finally sit down and relax for the day. I am sure I could change that pattern if I wanted by see no reason as then my reward time would be less. I also find that habits can be seasonal. I watch my son who once spring hits starts working out, running and gathering his friends to practice football. As the season progresses his attitude for the sport increases as the reward of getting on the field grows stronger. I though in spring go buy my seeds and plant my indoor starter garden. Same time every year, shop the same stores that I purchased my seeds from and plant on the same day every year. Yes, habits can in some instances from your life.