Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 18th lecture

After working with children involved in youth sports for over eight years it has always amazed me the influence that outside sources especially other children can have on each other. I have seen with group activities that provide a positive influence even with children that have been exposed to negative influences in their lives start to thrive. We as adults sometimes forget that our lives need to slow down and we need to communicate with our children more often. We need to instill the positive influences in their lives as for the most part of the day we have no idea of what they are being exposed to. We need to make sure their emotion needs are meet as well as their physical needs. Due to economics most family’s have both parents employed and due to that fact we are away from our children for the most part of their day. We come home tired, cook dinner, clean, do yard work and other activities that must be done but we forget that we must talk to our children and put our values and morals out their for them to have other choices. A few hours on a busy weekend does not work we need family time so our children develop the trust and family values that will hopefully help them develop more positively. So yes I do agree.