Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lecture ~ Aug 3

Life is full of many temptations. I think each temptation is different and the way of escape varies. One of the biggest temptations that I have encountered during the past 10 years is weight gain and taking the excess weight off. Since I am not a person that does diets, it was difficult to train my mind to eat differently. When temptation came, and it did often, I would focus on what I wanted to look like and the amount of weight that I wanted to loose. I learned to talk and reason to myself, that this way of eating was not going to be forever. That the day would come when I would be able again to enjoy my favorite foods. I also look at my goal, the outfit that I wanted to wear. It is a daily mindset that food will not control me, that I do have a choice and that I can master this temptation. I am very proud to say, it has taken me 1 year, but I have lost a total of 31 pounds and have kept it off.