Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chapter 1 ~ Lecture Assignment 6/7/2011

You had asked the question in class, "Why do you think people who are raised in the same family turn out differently?" It is funny, but I have asked myself that question may times in relationship to my own family. I grew up with four siblings and we are all so very different. We vary from our looks, hair and eye color, height, weight, personality, clothing style and interest. It is amazing how little we physically resemble each other.

I think some of it may come from our genes, what we inherit, and who we associate with. Another possible influence would be our teachers, whom we spend so much of our formative years with. Our friends influence our personalities. I think all of these factors contribute to our different personalities, and the uniqueness of each person. I don't think there is just one pat answer.

In my family their was a wide range in age difference, from the youngest to the oldest. I think as my parents raised us, there views and opinion changes as they matured. That change in them effected how they taught and instructed us. We use to say that they mellowed with age. They seemed more relaxed and not as stern with the youngest as they had been with the first born.