Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 22nd Lecture

Addictions and drugs are a vicious cycle that is very easily entered into. Wether it be by peer pressure of need of escape drugs and the ease of accessibility makes it an easy choice. Drug use and can easily be followed by the addition and will not only destroy the user but also the family of the individual. It will effect all aspects of ones life from family, social, and work not to mention ones health. Many people seek drugs as an escape from their reality. Once taken the high that it gives us by altering our brain takes the reality of life away. Once a person comes down from that high the only way to escape it to use the drug again therefor starting the addition process.

People then may say “just quite”, but it isn’t that easy. Our body and mind have become addicted to the escape we feel when we are using. It is a freedom from reality, form the things that depress us or make us unhappy. We must want to quite to succeed and recover from this addition. However I do believe we are truly never recovered, we will always be in a recovery mode which can make falling back into the habit of using very easy. One must not only change himself but must change our surrounding and recover emotionally if we are to succeed at recovery.