Friday, June 24, 2011

June 20th lecture

The guided imagery exercise was very interesting. I personally have a hard time relaxing and letting go of the day so this was a great way to experience relaxation. I found the idea of owning your space was very unique in the aspect that at that time it was mine. I could design it any way I wanted not just the landscape but the features in the landscape, the weather, along with the amount of trees, flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. I could hear the sounds of children playing in the distance, their laughter and happiness increased my relaxation.

I do not care for lemons so the taste for me was very bitter and unpleasant. However, I love the smell of the lemons so I found that even upon coming out of the exercise I could smell the lemons. During the exercise I felt the breeze blowing which increased the smell of the lemons. The bright yellow color against the dark green leaves were a beautiful mixture to the senses. I heard the birds and watched as they flew through the sky against the clouds. I must say that after this exercise I am ready to try it again on my own.