Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 20th lecture Mini Assignment

Such a peaceful experience I had during this exercise. I was imagining warm sunshine on my skin. How nice to be able to go to a warm sunny place even when in actuality, the clouds are covering the sun and rain has the air chilled. When you were leading us to through the field to the large tree. I was picturing in my head a unique tree with a huge trunk that was twisted and gnarled looking to be very old. It was unexpected for this tree that my mind saw as an ancient marker for a mystical meadow, to in a matter of seconds, transform into a fruit tree yielding an abundance of huge, ripe, yellow lemons. I could see plain as day the giant yellow fruit that filled a tree that stands all alone. I could imagine the soft breeze and actually envisioned tall blades of grass and wild flowers that gently waved from side to side as the bumbling bee's were hard at work gathering there pollen. I have always been such a daydreamer. Often my mind wanders to distant places, and this verbal journey sucked me right in. When the experiment was over I found it difficult to bring my head back out of the clouds, or in this case get my head out of the tree. Over all, very pleasant assignment that I enjoyed doing.