Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22 lecture

June 22, 2011 Lecture

Well addiction is a plague I believe, it is an illness, it is a disease, and though I have no actual statistics to back up what I am writing on this blog entry, it has been an ongoing battle in many individuals lives. There are many signs and symptoms to substance abuse disorders (SUD’s) that if not treated can result in serious health complications up to and including death, imprisonment behind bars, or imprisoned by the addiction being suffered. I believe that the human body, like we have been reading and learning about with the brain and the central nervous system created for us to experience pleasures such as feelings (emotional, and physical), smells, sounds, tastes. Some people use to enhance already pleasurable experiences. As well as how much stress and how many worries the majority of the world’s population has to endure, so some people use to escape reality or for the numbing effect.  When you add a substance in the mix with our natural pleasure craving personalities, a mind altering euphoric break from reality, while enhancing our senses.  We as people are prone to seek stimulation, and we are creatures of habit, and addiction. I believe this to be why SUD’s are so notorious among the human population, from all walks of life, and cultures, and religions, mind altering chemicals have been used and they have been abused by many.