Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 8,2011 Lecture question

The question for today was, “Do you think it is valuable to conduct research”? I have always been a strong believer and supporter of research. I attribute my belief in this from the work experience I have had in the past. Working for years in a nursing home as a CNA and seeing the disabilitating effects that age can have on a person, Dementia and Alzheimer's top the list for much needed research. Science can only grow stronger and more breakthroughs can only happen through research. We as a society have to accept the fact that that not only through science can we open the doors for cures and treatment but science and research go hand in hand.

This also includes animal research, I know this is a very controversial subject so this is only my opinions and I respect everyone's opinion on this subject. During the time I worked as a veterinary technician I was lucky to work with many wonderful doctors that had many different opinions on this subject. One of the doctors that would substitute for us worked in animal research. We had countless hours of conversations about this subject and I learned much from him. As such an avocet for the use on non animals in research I learned not only does this field benefit human research but also lead to benefits for the animals we study. For example heart worm medication for pets was accomplished through research and has saved may of our pets. Yes, I believe in humane treatment of these animals but I now see the benefit scientist and doctors learn from this type of research. This experience changed my views on this study only by learning facts and not hearing one side of the story as is said.

One area I would like to have more knowledge is on why do people feel the to protect themselves through lies and deceit. We start lying at a young age, was it a learned process of a protective process that our brain reacts to? Why as a society has the truth become so hidden but lies have become the accepted policy for many? For example, politics, there is no bigger arena for liars than politics and that is for whatever party we belong to. Do we need lies to make the world seem like a better place to live or to make our family happy with our decisions? Why don’t or can’t we accept things for the way thy are than trying to coat them in lies? This is a question I have had form many years and would like to know more about. I am not sure if research can give us this answer but it would make an interesting study.