Friday, June 3, 2011

A small glimps into my life

Hi, my name for blogging is kayak gal, I live in a small town called Haines, in the Southeast part of Alaska. I came up here in 1993 and fell in love with the incredible beauty of this area.

I have never lived in a small town before, so this was quite an adjustment the first year. I am originally from Las Vegas, Nevada (all desert, tumbleweeds and casino's). Life is 24/7 there. Moving here was like hitting a wall - very slow paced.... But now I just love it and could never think of leaving. Haines is nestled in tall mountains that I enjoy hiking in during the summer months. My husband and I also kayak. Now that summer is here, we hope to kayak often.

One of my hobbies is drawing portraits of children and adults. I find it to be very relaxing. I do water coloring, beading, and gardening. I enjoy spending time in my yard, growing flowers and swinging in my hammock. Our back yard opens up into the forest, so you never know who might show up each day. It's peaceful, with the squirrels and birds singing. It's my quite spot to relax in after work.

Let see, my current position is working as an administrative assistant for an organization that provide counseling services for substance abuse and mental health clients. I have worked there the past 4 years. Other jobs throughout my life have included being a 21 dealer in Vegas, an office manager in one of the hotel on the strip. I have also worked for seven years with the homeless population in Vegas.

I recently completed 2 years of schooling with RHS (rural human services) in Fairbanks. I am not sure where my schooling will take me, but I know I am on the right path.

My life is very full and rich, I have a wonderful husband and two small dogs (a Yorkie and Maltese). Hopefully that gives you a insight into who I am.
Thank you for letting me share,
Kayak Gal

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