Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 8th, Lecture Question

In class you had asked the question, "Do you think it is valuable to conduct research"? Prior to taking this course, I had not thought much about that question. Now my answer would be a definite yes! Just from the reading of chapter one, I see the necessity of always searching and not just accepting what science says is a fact, as facts can change. That is an amazing thought to me, as I have always accepted what the scientist states as factual. Now I am beginning to understand that there are many facets to the truth, and it needs to be examined from all sides.
One area I would like to have a lot more knowledge on is what the brain does to protect a person when they encounter trauma. An example of trauma would be of a young child that was molested. I know of a case where the incident was never spoken of and buried for many, many years. When this person reached 60, the memory came to life within her and she shared her experience. It had been buried all of those years. What triggered her memory, what allowed her finally the bravery to express it out loud and give life to this awful experience? What courage it took! She claimed it had been buried and she had not been aware of it all throughout her life, until now. Why now? I am curios how the brain works, how it protects us. This is one area I would like there to be more studies and research on.

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