Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mini Assignment 6-7-11


Mini Assignment 1

After asking 5 random customers to tell me in their own words the definition for psychology I came up with the following.
     1) Psychology- A study of people and what their beliefs are wrong with the world.
     2) Psychology- A way of understanding the human mind and the way humans think and act and interact  
         in the world.          
     3) Psychology- A doctor that can diagnose mental problems and help with mental issues.
     4) Psychology- The study of peoples emotions.
     5) Psychology- Psychotic people, I don't know really.

Wow how interesting some of the definitions were. I really noticed how most people compare psychology with mental illness. Psychology is definitely a study of mental illnesses, but also of so many things more. In my opinion mental illness is a huge psychological topic, as well is emotions and character. The human mind is a well of science, behavior, and mental processes. Psychology is describing, predicting, and coming up with explanations for different human behaviors.

Sarrah Graham