Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 22 - Lecture

I think from reading this chapter on addictions and drugs and what they can do to a person, I have become more compassionate. I didn't understand the physical and psychological hold that drugs could have on someone. I confess, in the past I have felt if a person really had the desire and commitment to quit, they could. But from what I am reading and listening to, that is not always the case. Drugs can alter your brain and thinking pattern. They can destroy your memory cells. And in some cases, cause depression. If you are depressed, living in it day in and day out, how can you find the desire and strength to stop. What a vicious circle.
Not all people fall into that category though, where there is brain damage. I still think there is a high percentage of people that get high continually because they are not happy with life. They have difficulty dealing with the reality of living and that drugs have become their escape. Escape is not the answer, it just covers the issues. I still believe that some people (maybe not all) can quit, if they really want to, but the key I think is seeking help and gaining the tools to heal, and moving forward.