Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th Lecture

I found the guided imagery to be a pleasant experience. It took some concentration to relax and focus on the opened field, but once I did, I was able to shut everything else out. I liked when you said the spot was our own, that we owned it because we created it. I can seeing going to it in the future when I just want to relax and quite my thoughts down, after a busy day. I found myself repeating your words and visualizing what you were describing. Somehow, that transported me to the area in my mind.

I think my favorite part came after we had tasted the lemon. In my case, the lemon was extremely sour and I did not want any more. But I did decide to take a basket full with me to make some wonderful lemon-aide when I left. The part I really seem to like was when you said to visualize the area and let your mind wander. I could see and hear birds, just singing and being free. In fact, I even had a nest in the lemon tree. Towards the end, I felt there could be friendly animals in the woods watching.