Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meditation Mini Assignment 2

My favorite spot in Fairbanks is taking the highway out of North Pole towards Denali. There is an overlook spot right off the road at the top of the hill. When I am stressed from the day or have just had a bad day I enjoy going up there just to sit, watch the amazing scenery and listen to the wind or birds that may be out. Of course for this exercise that is exactly where I went this evening. Once there I got out of my vehicle and sit on the large rock there. I then closed my eyes, did some relaxation breathing and listened to the wind. Even with the cars that came by now and then I was able to tune that out and continued to focus on my breathing the breeze. The sound was calming, relaxing and inviting. I again felt the stress of the day melt away as I relaxed. For the hour I sat there I felt fully relaxed and calm and was ready to continue my evening.