Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini Assignment 3

My husband and I sat down and went over each figure/illustration that you had posted. It was surprising that our answers differed on some, although we agreed on most. When we attempted the "Perceptual Set" where we count the number of spades and we reviewed the correct answer, my husband got loud and kept saying, "they deceived me, they deceived me - spades are never in red". I think he took it personal. We discussed how expectations can influence our perceptions. It was pretty interesting, especially his reaction.

The funniest one though, that we both disagreed on was figure 3.23, the "Pattern Recognition". That is the one where the diagram contains no actual triangles, but your brain sees them. My husband still swears that the lines are there, they are just while lines. There was no meeting of the minds on this one, even after I read what the author shared about the brain filling in the "missing" lines. He still maintained the lines were there! Now, on the "Blinking Effect Illusion", he never could see the black dots and I saw them immediately. That is a good example of how different two people can be. He recognised the goblet in figure 3.17 and it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I found it fun to share and just appreciate the difference in each of us.