Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review of "Reinforcement"

I have to admit that I laughed as I watched this video until I got to the end and then I was supremely irritated. Skinner's idea that we are all creatures who act simply out of reinforced behavior is simply not relevant when we observe people's behavior around us.

There would certainly be instances when a person reacts out of reinforced behavior or emotional reflexivity; however, we can choose to override those responses simply because we are not animals and do have an ability to reason. Jealousy in regards to our lovers is an ingrained emotional response that is set into our mind by observation of people and their responses and reactions, by popular media, and partially by possessiveness that is innate in human nature. The response to jealousy can be overridden when a partner is trustworthy and secure in a relationship as we witness in polyamorist relationships. When a happy wife in a polygnous relationship is asked about jealousy in regards to other women, she responds "Why should she be jealous? If her husband is interested in another woman then he would simply bring her home and she would become an asset to the family." There is no jealousy because she has replaced that emotion with trust.