Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, Well lets just say it has been very difficult, but I didn't give up, I finally made it on the Psyched Blog. I was beginning to feel so out of the loop. Technical difficulties, wait a minute, I am not the best on a computer so I'm quite used to technical difficulties. Well on to just a little about me, besides being technically challenged, I actually do have some things I do well. I LOVE people. I love children, (even teenagers) and the elderly, I love people who are ill, and people that are not always doing the right things in there lives, I love well adjusted healthy people, (if there is such a person) I love to be there for the sad hurting, and I have a way of calming people when they are upset. I just have a way with people, not because I have been educated (YET) or because I think I know the answers. I have been blessed with a fairly non-judge mental, very forgiving open minded heart. In the past I have had that used against me. I really almost let this gift get away from me. I refuse to lose and be held back any longer. This class is just the beginning of my new journey and I will one day be a blessing to people just the way that I have been blessed by the ones that have been there when they were needed. Even when I didn't deserve it, or want it. I feel that is when help is needed most. People that didn't gain anything to help, or guide, or care about me.  Human relations is the field I choose to learn and live.
I have 2 totally awesome kids, I have a 9 year old daughter, and I have a 14 year old son. They are the greatest. Everything I do I do it for them. I am recently a single mother, new student as well. Let me tell you, its never boring in my world. Soccer mom, so a lot of my reading gets done in the car during soccer practice. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Okay I will quit typing, just really wanted to say I'm very excited to be able to join in on the blog get to know you guys in class.