Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little about me

My name is Kim Duncan and I live in North Pole with my youngest son, well he is 18 and will be a senior this year. We also house two of his teammates who are also 18. My middle son has just joined the Air Force and is in Tech school now. My oldest son is here in Alaska, he is married to a wonderful young lady and I have an amazing one year old grandson. My husband lives in Alabama and we will join him there after my son graduates next May.

We arrived in Alaska 11 years ago while my husband was in the military. We knew we wanted to live in Alaska with our three boys after I visited my father here during one of my husbands deployments. We moved originally from Louisiana and have lived in Kansas, Germany, Cyprus, back to Louisiana and finally Alaska. We have gotten to experience a lot of different cultures and am very lucky to have done so.

I have worked in many fields throughout my life. I was a hairdresser for many years and enjoyed that very much especially the people interaction. While we were in Germany I was the manager for Saab Car Sales for almost six years. Lastly, moving here I worked as a veterinary receptionist, then moved to a vet technician and lastly the office manager. I worked in that field for eight years. After deciding to return to the business field I worked as a contractor for the Air Force as an administrator and now I am employed with the Army as a contractor also in administration.

We enjoy outdoors and camp, fish, and are enjoy outdoor sports. My summer is usually taken up with high school football. My son and his friends who live with us all play and I volunteer for the board. I am not good at gardening but love to do it and have succeeded only at tomatoes.

Well, that is a brief summary of who I am and what I enjoy. I look forward to reading about everyone.