Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini Assignment 3

While sitting with my son working on this assignment it was very interesting how for most of the exercises we saw the same thing but on some we saw thing very differently. Once of our favorites was figure 3.17, Reversible Figure-Ground Pattern. We could not agree on the goblets that the author states. I recognized the faces as a profile, while he saw the goblet and the faces. I still can’t see the goblet no matter how many times I have viewed this photo. It was interesting how two different people saw different things in the same photo.

The next exercise we discussed was Figure 3.19, Use of the Monocular Cue of Linear Perspective. We decided to pull down a painting that my mother-in-law did of a large ship sailing through many sail boats. Even though they were on the same plank just by using different colors, size and shading she was able to add depth to this photo. While looking at the photo in the illustration we noticed by blurring the colors together and painting the train smaller and darker it appeared to be in the background of the photo instead of the front of the photo. We enjoyed our time reviewing the exercising and discussing our findings.