Monday, June 6, 2011

mini assignment

The five answers below were to the question asked of five of my friends, "What is Phychology?". It was a very positive experience as people were very eager to help once learning I had enrolled in classes. Most were very excited that I had finally enrolled and stopped talking about it. Emotionally I felt somewhat nervous in letting people know that this was my field on interest. My expectation was a response of "why?". I was pleasantly surprised at the positive responses and the information I acquired.

1. Isn't it the study of human behavior? I was going to put the study of Tony's behavior
The scientific study of people's actions and of the human mind
Psychology, the study of the human mind and spirit, They would have a field day studying me
The study of the human mind and human behavior
5. The study of the mind and how and why people behavior the way they do, right?

Although everyone know what the answer was their answers were all based off of their life experiences. I believe to be the most interesting was finding out that the people I spoke with themselves felt they could use some type of counseling or had had some in the past. Although they joked about it, I found they were very open and honest about their thoughts on phycology and my interest in this field . How amazing I found it that one question could open the doorway to so much communication and information.

My favorite answer was from a very good friend who I listed as answer number one. How interesting it was to listen to her thoughts on my husband. Although it was all good, it was interesting to see her perspective on my relationship. It made me wonder how much people think they know about someone if they haven't every asked them a question.