Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Assignment 2

I believe there is a possibility that you can train your brain to be happy. I found a lot of logic in the experiments that they performed, such as watching clips of funny movies or animals playing. The reaction to watching the clips brought a smile or laughter to a person. I thing the laughter can remove stress. Smiling can be a positive movement that tells your brain that it is happy, there is joy and to relax. Let's take an example of a person having a really stressful day. That person is capable of training themselves to take their thoughts off what there day consisted of and stop and focus on something else, such as a beautiful sunset. Or maybe parking at the beach and watch the soothing waves of the water and listening to the sounds of the ocean. By knowingly changing what you are giving your attention to and placing it on something that brings joy and happiness, that could be considered training your brain to be happy.